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How To Play Virtual King's League

How To Play Virtual King's League


Step 1:  Select either a single game or more

Step 2:  Click on Single Bet

Step 3:  Place the punter’s desired amount

Step 4:  Click on print




Multiple bet on virtual soccer is placed when the total combination from the selected number of games is 1. This is mostly seen at the bottom of the betting selections on the virtual soccer interphase.

For Example: -   Step 1:  Select either a single game or more

Step 2:  Every Last line is a Multiple Bet

Step 3:  Place the punter’s desired amount #100 or more

Step 4:  Click on print



Example, if a punter has 10 selections on his ticket and grouped it in 10’s, definitely the number of combination on this bet will be 1 which automatically makes it a multiple bet.


Minimum Stake: The minimum stake on virtual soccer bet is 100 naira and 20 naira per selection.

For clarity, if there is a bet that has 15 combinations, the minimum stake on this bet will be 20X15= 300 naira.

When a lesser amount than 300 naira is inputted for 15 selections, the error message” stake per combination for system is lower than minimum 20 naira” pops up on the interphase.

In summary, the minimum stake will always depend on the total number combinations after it must have been multiplied by 20 provided it is equal or greater than 100 naira.



Auto Sum is the automatic calculation of any value placed on a permutated virtual bet


1. It saves agent/cashier stress of calculating values placed on virtual soccer bet

2. It also saves time and energy

3. Punters can now select more than 10 selections

4. Very easy to understand which brings about total odd for each permutation

5. Punters can easily view minimum & maximum potential winnings


Guidelines / HOW TO USE AUTO SUM


To use Auto Sum, we need to understand what grouping and combination mean.

Grouping: This involves pairing of a selected number of games on a virtual soccer betting ticket based on a customer’s choice. Example, 2 to come or 3 to come from several selections.

Combination: This is the total number of paring we have after grouping must have been done from a number selection on a virtual soccer ticket.

Example, if a punter plays 3 to come out of 6 selections then the total number of combinations that would be generated will be 20 or if a punter plays 2 to come from 4 selections, the total number of combination will be 6.

For Example

Step 1: Select either a single game or more

Step 2: Click on System Bet (2 to come)

Step 3: Place the punter’s desired amount

            Rules of staking

            i. Must ensure you multiply #20 with whatever number under Combi

            E.g #20 x 15 = #300

Step 4: Click on print