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Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

“Kings know when to stop”

This page explains what safer gambling is, what tools we offer and how you can manage your spending whilst still having fun.

At BetKing, we want gambling to be a fun and exciting form of entertainment for our players. But for some people, gambling can become a problem. Safer gambling is a serious matter, and our customer service teams are available if you have any concerns. Make sure to establish any limits which you think may be helpful for you and refer to this page if you ever need information on any of our safer gambling tools.

Betting Responsibly

Here are our Top 10 tips to help you to stay safe and keep it fun:

  • Don't think of gambling as a way to make money: Over time you are likely to lose more money than you win from gambling. Gamble for fun and entertainment or to socialise with friends. Think of money set aside for gambling as an entertainment expense, like going to the movies.

  • Only gamble with money you can afford to lose: Do not use money meant for household bills, groceries, or other important expenses on gambling.

  • Set a money limit in advance: Decide how much you can afford to lose before you play. When it's gone – stop playing.

  • Set a time limit in advance: It's easy to lose track of time when you're gambling. Set a time limit or alarm on your phone, and when time's up – quit! Odds are that the more time you spend gambling, the more money you will lose.

  • Never chase your losses: Chasing your losses will usually lead to bigger and bigger losses. Stick to your limits.

  • Don't gamble when you're depressed or upset: Decision-making can be more difficult when you're not feeling yourself. Make sure you only gamble when you're feeling happy and clear headed.

  • Balance gambling with other activities: If gambling has become your only form of entertainment, it may be a problem. Keep up with your other hobbies, as well as family, work, or study activities.

  • Don't use credit cards to gamble: Using credit cards for gambling can get you into debt quickly.

  • Take frequent breaks: Gambling continuously can cause you to lose track of time and perspective. Take a break at regular intervals.

  • Don't drink or use drugs when gambling: Drugs and alcohol cloud judgment, and good judgment is your best way of staying in control.

If you need more support in relation to your gambling, you can always contact BetKing or reach out to Gambling Therapy, a global service offering free practical advice and emotional support to anyone affected by problem gambling. Their services include free live chat, email support and support forums.

Taking a break

A timeout lets you take a short break from using your account with us - choose from 24 hours up to a maximum of 6 weeks, or specify a custom period. If you choose to take a break, any unsettled bets will remain active with any account balance remaining unaffected. Once your break period ends, your account will be available to use again automatically. If you have balances in your account, you may withdraw them before taking a break, as you will not have access to your account during the break period.

Take a break under the Gambling Controls page.

Closing your Account

You can close your account at anytime through the Gambling Controls page.

Once you close your account, you’ll immediately be logged out and prevented from having further access. In the future, if you wish to reopen your account, you can contact our customer service support team. It should be noted that closed accounts can be re-opened. If you feel an account closure doesn’t offer the level of support you need, you can use the self-exclusion tool instead.”

Self Exclusion

Self-exclusion will allow you to prevent yourself from gambling for a set period of time. Once you have opted to self-exclude, this is irreversible. This means you won’t be able to login, deposit, place a bet or receive any marketing material.  

Your account will remain excluded even after your selected period of exclusion has passed and you will need to contact us to advise on how you can reopen your account.

You may exclude just from our site. You can either do by contacting our customer service teams or excluding yourself under the “Gambling Controls” page.

Doing a self-assessment

If you suspect that you have a gambling problem, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I frequently gambling for longer than I intend to?

  • Am I gambling more money than I intend to?

  • Do I lose track of time when I’m gambling?

  • Am I gambling with money that should be used for something else?

  • Am I borrowing money to fund my gambling?

  • Would I be happy with people knowing how much I’m gambling?

  • Do I feel irritated or anxious when I’m not gambling?

If you've answered 'Yes' to any of these questions you may be experiencing problems with your gambling.

Underage Gambling

We are committed to preventing underage and protecting young people from experiencing gambling harm.

Those under the age of 18 are not permitted to use our site.

To further help us prevent underage gambling, we recommend you carry out the following to protect your account:

  • Do not leave any of your devices unattended, whilst logged onto our website.

  • Always make sure you logout when you’re finished.

  • Don’t share any financial information, including your bank or credit cards.

  • Always enter your password manually, instead using the “Save Password” option.

  • Use different computer profiles for your child.

If it comes to your attention that underage user is accessing our site, please contact our Customer Service Team.

Blocking Software

If you wish to block yourself from accessing any gambling sites, you can some of the following software. Please be aware, some sites may charge:

  • Gamblock blocks access to online gambling sites.

  • Net Nanny allows you to block and limit certain sites.

  • Cybersitter let you block websites of your choice.