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FreeBet+ Punter FAQ

FreeBet+ Punter FAQ


More ways to win with the Virtual Football Leagues! Punters can now win FreeBet+ when they place bets on the BetKing Virtual Leagues (Kings Live League, Kings Liga, Kings Italiano). Every bet placed stands a chance to win a FreeBet+. 

Qualification: How to qualify for a FreeBet+? 

  1. Punter places a bet via the cashier on BetKing Virtuals.  
  2. If a bet slip qualifies for a FreeBet+ voucher 
    • Cashier receives a pop up on the screen that the punter qualifies for a FreeBet+. 
    • Cashier prints the original bet slip and gives it to the punter. A FreeBet+ code will be displayed on the original bet slip.  
    • The cashier is required to give the original bet slip to the punter. The cashier can print a copy if required for the Shop. The copy will NOT include the coupon code. 
  3. Punter receives the original bet slip and can redeem the FreeBet+ code on their next bet at any Agent Shop. 

Redemption: How to redeem a freebet+? 

  1. Punter shows the cashier their original bet slip with the FreeBet+ code. 
  2. Cashier will enter code where the system will verify the validity of the FreeBet+.  
    • If VALID, Punter can place bets. If a punter wins on the FreeBet+, he/she will receive the winning and the stakes back 
    • If INVALID, Freebet+ code is rejected. 


Punter FAQs 

On which products do I have to place a bet to stand a chance to get a FreeBet+? 

  • BetKing Virtuals: Kings Live League, Kings Liga, Kings Italiano. 


Is the FreeBet+ available in BetKing Shops and Online? 

  • No, it is only available in BetKing shops that operate BetKing Virtual products. 


How much is the FreeBet+ stake value? 

  • The value of the freebet will be indicated on the bet slip. It is equal to the value of the stake on the bet that was eligible for the FreeBet+. For example, if you placed a bet of N200 and you were eligible for FreeBet+ code on the betslip, then the FreeBet+ value will be N200. 


Where can I use the FreeBet+ code to redeem my FreeBet+? 

  • The FreeBet+ code can be used in any BetKing shop nationwide that operates BetKing Virtual products. 


If I get a FreeBet+, how many times can redeem the FreeBet+ by using the code? 

  • A FreeBet+ code can only be redeemed once. 


Do I need to use my FreeBet+ voucher on a single bet slip or am I able to place partial bets with the FreeBet+? 

  • You are required to use the FreeBet+ on a single bet slip and you will not be permitted to place partial bets with a FreeBet+ bet slip.  


Can I use the FreeBet+ voucher at any time or any day?  

  • That depends on the betslip instructions. Some FreeBet+ are required to be used on a specified day while some FreeBet+ can be used on any day. Please look at the information provided on the bet slip.  



If I win a bet placed using the FreeBet+ code, will the stake amount be deducted from my winnings? 

  • No, BetKing will provide you with the full winning amount including the stake amount.  


Can sub-account players get the FreeBet+ also? 

  • No. Only available to offline punters, i.e., customers who place bets in BetKing shops via cashiers.