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KYC Validation

KYC Validation

What is KYC Verification?

This is a very simple process of verifying your identity to enable us to process your winnings. As regulatory requirement customers are to provide a valid means of identification for verification before winnings can be paid out.

Any of the following documents will accepted:

  • Voter’s card
  • International passport
  • National Identity card / slip
  • Driver’s license

The document must contain a photograph and should clearly display your full name, document number, date of birth, and have a valid document expiry date.

You do not have to wait till you have a win. Verify your ID Here.

How to Verify Identity

Step 1: Log in to your BetKing account.

Step 2: Go to my account (me) at the extreme right of the screen and select ‘My Profile’.

Step 3: Select ‘Identity verification’

Step 4: Enter/upload your ID information (the valid identification uploaded must be a document belonging to you)

Step 5: Submit

Our support team will review your details within a few hours and revert once your details have been updated. If more info is required from you, you will also be notified.

No need to wait. Verify your identity now.