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FAQs :


What is Flexi Cut? 

FlexiCut allows you the freedom to choose how many games you want to ‘cut’ in your accumulator bet.  


How can I place a Flexi Cut bet?  

Placing a FlexiCut bet is just as simple as any other bet. You only need to enable the feature in your betslip, select the number of cuts you’d like, and then click the ‘place bet’ button.  


Can I use Flexi Cut with virtual bets? 

No, you can’t. Flexicut is available only with online sports betting markets. You can check out virtual betting offers on BetKing’s help page. 


How many selections do I need to have in my betslip to place a FlexiCut bet?  

You must have a minimum of 5 selections in your betslip to use the Flexi Cut feature.  


How many selections can I ‘cut’ in my Flexi Cut bet?  

There is no limit to the number of selections you can ‘cut’ in your Flexi Cut bet, but you must have at least 2 selections with a total odds value of 1.05 as a minimum requirement.  


What is the odds limit for additional selections in a Flexi Cut bet?  

There isn’t a specific odds limit per selection, but the total odds must be above 1.05 to place a FlexiCut bet.  


Which types of bets can be placed with Flexi Cut?  

Flexi Cut is compatible with Pre-match, Live, and Mixed bets, but it applies exclusively to sportsbook accumulators.  


Can I use my Freebet for a Flexi Cut bet?  

No, Freebets cannot be used for Flexi Cut bets.  


Am I eligible for an Acca bonus with my Flexi Cut bet?  

Acca bonuses are not applicable to Flexi Cut bets.  


Is it possible to cash out a Flexi Cut bet?  

No, Flexi Cut bets cannot be cashed out.  


What happens when one or more of my selections become void?  

If one or more selections in your betslip become void, the betslip is recalculated. After the calculation, if the odds fall below 1.05, the bet will be void. However, if the total odds remain above 1.05, the user will receive the newly calculated payout. If all selections are voided, the bet will be declared void.  

Flexi Cut – Unavailable Markets​


  • All offers with ‘Will it Happen’​ 
  • All offers with ‘To Happen​’ 

All player markets:​  

  • Anytime Goalscorer​ 
  • First Goalscorer​ 
  • Last Goalscorer​ 
  • Player Assist​ 
  • Player Booking​ 
  • Player Shots​ 
  • Player Shots on target​ 
  • All stats markets (anything including the word Possession/Foul/Shot/Offside):​ 
  • Over Under FT Fouls​ 
  • Over/Under Fouls Away​ 
  • Over/Under Fouls Home​ 
  • Shots on target O/U Away​ 
  • Shots on target O/U Home​ 
  • Over Under FT Shots​ 
  • Over/Under Offsides Home​ 
  • Over/Under Offsides Away​ 
  • Over Under FT Offsides​ 
  • Ball Possession O/U Home​ 


All time-based markets 

  • 10 minutes - 1x2 from {from} to {to}
  • 10 minutes - Goal
  • 15 minutes - 1x2 from {from} to {to}
  • 15 minutes - Goal
  • 20 minutes - 1x2 from {from} to {to}
  • 20 minutes - Goal
  • 30 minutes - 1x2 from {from} to {to}
  • 30 minutes - Goal
  • 5 minutes - 1x2 from {from} to {to}
  • 5 minutes - Goal
  • 60 minutes - 1x2 from {from} to {to}

Any market with Asian Handicap 

  • Asian Handicap
  • 2nd Half - Asian Total 0.5



  • All offers with ‘Will it Happen’
  • All offers with ‘To Happen’
  • Total Aces Over/Under
  • Total Double Faults Over/Under
  • Total 180s Over/Under
  • Total Tries Over/Under
  • Total Touchdowns Over/Under
  • Total Field Goals Over/Under
  • Total Sacks Over/Under
  • Total Match Fours Over/Under
  • Total Match Sixes Over/Under



  • To enjoy this product customers you must be an existing customer with an active account. 
  • The Flexicut bet product is only available for Sportsbook bets.   
  • The Flexicut bet product is available for both pre-match and live betting. 
  • Only multiple bets with a minimum of 5 selections are eligible. 
  • The qualifying bet should have a minimum total odds of 1.05 or higher. 
  • Once the Flexicut bet is placed, cashout will not be available. 
  • Acca bonus cannot be applied to Flexicut bets. 
  • Free bets cannot be used with Flexicut bets. 
  • For the cases of Void bets, excluding the void selections, the total odds will be recalculated, and the bet will be voided if the new odds are below 1.05. 
  • In the case of all selections being void, the Flexicut bet will be voided. 
  • Flexicut bets can be used only on the markets allowed by BetKing. 
  • Canceled bets and/or partially won bets will not count as qualifying bets for the Flexicut bet promotion.  
  • A Flexicut bet is won only if a certain amount of the selections is correct out of all selections. For example, a customer chooses 5 or more selections to be correct out of a total of 7 selections and the odds are 15. This means that this customer will only win this ticket if 5 or more selections are correct out of a total of 7 selections. However, the odds will be fixed at 15, no matter if the customer wins 5 or more selections out of 7 selections. 
  • All General Terms and Conditions apply.